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About wingwave®

wingwave® is an innovative, integrated, neuropsychological performance and emotion coaching method for addressing all areas of life that are connected with stressful memories of past experiences and/or unhelpful emotions regarding future events that impact on your sense of wellbeing.

wingwave® is a short-term coaching concept that combines various, extremely effective and well-proven coaching techniques (more info below). wingwave® is the preferred and most efficient coaching method for building an optimal foundation for success, learn how to regulate stress effectively, prepare mentally for peak performance and turn limiting beliefs into resourceful beliefs. It’s being successfully used by Professionals, Business Executives, Managers, CEO, Athletes (high performance / competitive sport), Artists, Actors, and Students.

The effects of wingwave® are very measurable and tangible, and noticeable results can be achieved in only a few sessions (2 – 3). By means of a basic interventions, wingwave® is the preferred method to help clients reach their professional and personal goals, increase their wellbeing, dissolving mental blocks, deal with the emotions that keep them stuck, reduce performance stress and increase creativity, mental fitness and conflict stability.

Main Areas Where wingwave® Coaching Is Being Used

Regulation of Performance Stress

Wingwave® effectively regulates stress and helps when dealing with stressful situations that influence your wellbeing. It stabilises your inner balance and inner calm, and helps you feel prepared for conflicts that may be on your mind.

Resource Coaching

wingwave® helps you build a foundation for success and mental preparation for peak performance. Enjoy increased creativity, better self-image and confidence, positive self-motivation and mental preparation for a test or important performance. 

Belief Coaching

wingwave® helps you to become aware of performance-limiting beliefs (I can’t do this) which are shifted into resource beliefs (I got this). The goal is to stabilise your personal belief system to be able to handle demanding mental stress.

Wingwave® - An Integrated Neuropsychological Coaching Method - Successfully Combines:



Used as a ‘compass’ to identify stress triggers that disrupt / irritate mental and emotional balance, and to examine the effect of interventions used to improve, stimulate, and stabilise emotional and mental processes.


(EMDR In Coaching)

“Awake” REM phases (rapid eye movements) and auditory or tactile left-right inputs for emotional desensitisation (limbic stress regulation).



NLP disrupts old patterns and allows us to successfully rewire the brain. Language is used as a brain friendly coaching compass on the path to your goal.

wingwave® was developed by Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund, German psychologists and management trainers at the Besser-Siegmund Institute in Hamburg, Germany in the 1990s. wingwave is a trademarked method.

Wingwave® is based on scientific research and has gained significant popularity in European countries and is now also available in the US and Australia. The Volkswagen- Group in Germany swears by wingwave® and also many Banks, Sports Clubs and big organisations.

Further information about wingwave-Coaching can be found on the official wingwave website (

Are You A Coach?
Get wingwave® Coach Training

For professional coaches, trainers, therapists and health professionals who want to add an additional module to a completed training.

The prerequisite for participation is a completed training in coaching, NLP, communication psychology, psychotherapy, or comparable degrees in the areas of counseling, training, therapy or coaching (at least 130 training hours).

This training is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

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